Responsive work


136 Invocations to St. Helen

136 Invocations to St. Helen 2015  ink and watercolour on vellum for NORTH exhibition, St. Helen’s Lancs., Spring 2015.  The exhibition, curated by xyz member, Emily West, invited artists who lived locally and artists who had never visited St. Helen’s to respond to the concept of ‘North’.  I chose to respond directly to the name of the town, and researched St Helen herself.

IMG_2368after ZI belong to a collective of artists: Studioxyz.  When we show together we make work both in response to the given subject and to the individual proposals within the group, a collaborative way of making art that works for us as a group as well as allowing for our individuality.

Our second exhibition together was “This is the Way The World Ends” for which I created a piece “After z”. I burnt all my dream diaries and journals and the ash was put in glass cylinders (50 x 20 cm) On the walls were 4 x 6 inch photographs that I painted over.

At The American Museum in Britain we each selected an item from their permanent collection, and working with the theme of ‘Migration’ made our responses. Mine was the red/yellow/blue double triptych, “But for Squanto”Migration

In March 2014 our exhibition “Freud’s House” was shown at Burgh House in Hampstead. I had spent the preceding winter embroidering my dream images and feelings on coat linings.

Morpheus Coats